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Tide turning in the battle for Kobane

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October 8th, 2014 Posted 12:10 pm

I’m not generally a big fan of twitter but I have been following the tweets of Cahit Storm a Kurdish person who is tweeting updates and photos live from Kobane during the battle between the Kurds and ISIS. I’ve also been watching a web cam feed from The Daily Telegraph.

On Tuesday 7th October it looked like Kobane was sure to fall because it was surrounded on the Syrian side by ISIS and Turkey was playing some kind of political games by refusing to allow Kurdish reinforcements or supplies into the theatre of war through the Turkish border post. US and allied air strikes have been heavy over the last couple of days and it seems as though the Kurds are now getting the upper hand.

Every right thinking person is truly sickened by the atrocities that have been committed by ISIS recently. The Kurds feel they have nowhere to go they have been putting up very stiff resistance despite being outgunned by better armed and equipped forces. Now that the US and allied air strikes have been ramped up it looks like the tide has finally turned and ISIS are sure to fail to take Kobane. I for one am hoping that this turns into a significant reversal for the disgusting regime that is ISIS.

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UK Mortgage Market Review

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June 16th, 2014 Posted 9:24 am

New UK legislation launched in April 2014 as a result of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) process undertaken by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) demand that any prospective borrower who wants to arrange a mortgage in person for a regulated home loan is required to deal with a professional and suitably qualified mortgage loan adviser. In most cases commercial mortgage loans fall outside of the scope of regulated mortgages which are primarily targeted at UK private homeowners yet there are still exceptions for certain types of business premises for example pubs, guest houses and stores where the proprietors living quarters form 40% or over of the overall premises space. Mortgages covering commercial premises with 40%+ residential accommodation are still deemed as regulated loans and so are still affected by the new rules.

Regulated mortgage applications have become considerably more complex than previously. The new MMR regulations have added a responsibility on lenders to check the borrowers ability to afford all new mortgages even if rates rise from current levels. This involves a fairly detailed review of a prospective borrower’s income and expenses. Previously lenders had very simple income lending multiple formulas. This complex new procedure for mortgage applications is likely to be somewhat confusing for borrowers, however this complication will probably be made easier by taking advantage of the expertise of a residential mortgage expert with some experience of both residential lending and of commercial mortgages.

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Business Finance in 2013

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September 24th, 2013 Posted 11:16 pm

The financial squeeze may have started to ease considerably since the dark days of 2008 but there can be little doubt that Banks and Financial Institutions are still taking a much tougher and harder nosed line when it comes to lending especially when lending to businesses. In the UK pressure has been exerted on banks by the UK Government which now holds a large stake in some banks such as RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) which also owns NatWest. Despite the pressure the banks are dragging their heels somewhat which to some degree is understandable since the banks still bear the risks for any losses.

This brave new world with tougher financing requirements means that many viable businesses are struggling to get the finance they need and deserve when they approach their bank. So what options are open to a business that feels it is missing out on genuine business opportunities due to lack of finance? Well one option is to turn to an independent Business Finance Broker such as Finance 4 Commerce who specialise in scouring the business finance markets on behalf of UK based business clients. Finance 4 Commerce have access to around 230 lenders in total and they can source just every kind of business finance product. Typical finance products arranged by Finance 4 Commerce include Commercial Mortgages, Property Development Finance, Bridging Loans and Cashflow solutions such as Invoice Factoring facilities.

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Europeans will surely rue the Merkozy plan

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May 13th, 2012 Posted 9:11 am

Originally posted December 11th, 2011

The British pantomime season has opened slightly early this year with Prime Minister David Cameron firmly cast as the pantomime villain by Merkozy, the collective name for Angela Merkel of Germany and Nicholas Sarkozy of France. Britain stands alone in voting against the Merkozi plan of the 27 EU countries. To be fair, the Swedes, Czechs and Hungarians had great concerns too but went along with the EU crowd whilst still reserving the right to debate the issue in their parliaments. The key issue is that the UK has the right to veto the overall vote. Basically this is supposed to mean that the EU cannot implement the Merkozy proposals as EU law, but the Eurozone countrys concerned can still impelent it separately.

In general the Merkozy plan is to bolster confidence in the Euro and EU sovereign deby by introducing European laws to limit sovereign nation state budget defecits to low levels of around 0.5 percent with a maximum annual defecit of 3% during recessionary times. An additional plan was to introduce a financial transaction tax. Since 80% of europes major financial transactions are conducted in London this was seen by the british as a Franco/German ruse to impose a new EU tax on one of Britains key industries that would affect France and Germany far less than Britain.

Its all very well Merkozy gaining approval in principle from 26 countrys but the actual implementation of this plan will be far more painful than just saying yes, oui or ja in an undemocratic EU meeting. What will happen when massive cuts in public spending are imposed by Brussels on the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) for example. Its one thing for their governments to implement cuts at a politically acceptable levels for their own country but it does not take a genius to work out that if say Germany orders Spain to cut its defecit that the possibility for civil disorder is huge and in short this is highly unlikely to work.

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Chill out in Turquoise!

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May 13th, 2012 Posted 7:38 am

All of us live life upon the blue/green world that is Earth and this may well be exactly why turquoise provides a subconcious sensation of calmness, tranquility along with rest that comes with a Carribean or Maldivian shore. Perhaps those looking to sort out the problems of the Eurozone could do with a little chilling out and calming at the moment! Wearing turquoise garments and gear is suspected to pass on a stress-free calm attitude to an individual.

Turquoise is definitely a very well liked colour to dress in during the summer time or when you kick back and rest in the summertime holidays. If you want to make a style statement turquoise shoes are usually looked upon as chic and classy and therefore are favoured with several celebrities. Despite the fact that turquoise may be worn along with quite a few colours, leading fashion experts like Gok Wan commonly recommend that turquoise really should only be donned together with with a sole supporting colour at any given time, therefore for example you could possibly appear fantastic dressed in your gorgeous turquoise high heels with as a plain white-colored dress or perhaps a simple black outfit.

If you wish to create truely exquisite and stylish look you should contemplate complementing your shoes with many other accessories say for example a turquoise handbag, a turquoise bangle or possibly even turquoise earrings. Sporting turquoise shoes can certainly nevertheless be fairly challenging though because a number of garments just simply don’t match the least bit well. The best way forward is as per the fashion masters and just keep it uncomplicated without having it too snazzy. On the other hand maybe take a good look in the fashion journals for instance Look Magazine for creativity. In addition look out when you are on an outing, then if you notice anyone sporting turquoise shoes or boots you could make your own personal mental observation about what has been worn in conjunction and absolutely does it all look great?

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